Shopify friendly analytics & conversion tracking. Track your customer journey, learn what works and what doesn’t, fast.
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Paid Marketing

Conversion Tracking

Understand which channels are really providing you with high quality traffic.

Record & Replay

Visitor's Sessions

This is simply the best way to see a visitors journey throughout your website. What they click, where they're going, what they like and do not understand.



Heat maps take the guesswork out of identifying what customers are doing on your site.
Abandoned Cart
Error Message
Rage Clicks & Dead Links
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Obtain Insights &

Take Action

Drill down into your data, easily build customers and product segments. Our Shopify reports provide insights that empower you to make better decisions and run more effective marketing campaigns.

Record & Replay



Keep on top of services you depend on with our eCommerce technology monitoring service.
Receive alerts on Email or Slack when one of your services encounters issues.
Track uptime & performance in real-time.
Dont let poor performing apps slow down your sales.
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It's always a good idea to understand what your competitors are doing on your site. Track what the competition is doing on your site. Identify if they are playing dirty and clicking on your paid ads.


Data & Alerts

Monitor your stats in realtime. Check many users are on your site and where they are in the funnel.
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No Developers

Track Your Shop
100% Code Free
Full Picture takes the heavy-lifting off your shoulders. No need to involve developers to track visitor behaviour in your shop.
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